Sell Your Home for More | Pre-MLS Strategy

By Real Estate Attorney / Broker John McConnin

Pre MLS Open House / Auction Model
1. When You prepare to Sell Your Home in one weekend – you are setting up for success.
2. Plus, you may save Ten’s of thousands of dollars in real estate commissions

Develop a Marketing Promotions and Positioning Plan
1. Do a typical CMA
2. Do an overall Total Market Overview
3. Check your current Market Position
4. Price Your Home to a bit below the market | But only sell if you like the final price | Your goal is traffic and motivated buyers or a bidding war.

Confidence Will Help you Sell
1. Your confidence and competence (if you are unrepresented) is virtually required to make it happen at a favorable price
2. Plus, confident buyers make much stronger offers

Getting the Important Items Done Before you Sell
1. Pre Inspected and Repaired – if you can afford to do it
2. Pre – Disclosed (this can be very big)
3. Pre Appraised – Opens up many strategies
4. Updated and/or Staged
5. Favorite Real Estate Certified Pre Owned? (Inspected, Warranty, Optional Happiness Guaranteed by Agent)

Set Up with the Real Estate Professionals and Services
1. Title
2. Escrow
3. Optional Realtor or Attorney Helping Buyer
4. List of other Inspectors
5. Lenders
6. Set Up Your Home Sale Marketing Plan
7. Pre MLS Marketing – Set
8. Consider Auction Environment
9. And / Or say Pre -MLS Opportunity – in 1 week with Realtor fees being built into price
10. Local Marketing
11. Social Marketing
12. Google, Craigslist, Facebook, Zillow, Trulia and more

Create Your Flyers – Order Your Signs
1. Create your Sales Packages
2. Consider including your appriasal and Disclosures in your Open House Package
3. Create your Flyers
4. Order your Open House / Auction signs and your Front Yard Sign
5. Create your table where you encourage people to write down an offer or what they might Pay Pre-MLs
6. Consider having your sample offers set up ahead of time
7. Set up your bidding process and rules

Consider Offering Help to Buyers
1. It may be worthwhile to have an experienced person help buyers gain confidence in the process
2. It may help the buyers make stronger offers
3. You may wish to retain an attorney or a Agent to help Buyer’s over their fears

Consider Website and Phone Number

1. Create a Website
2. Purchase a phone Number where your information is presented in a professional and appealing manner

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Starting with Online Home Pricing?

We compare Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and FavoriteRealEstate

1. Zillow Homes Prcing App
Review: Not Very Accurate in San Diego. We believe they don’t have access to our MLS data.

2. Trulia’s How Much is Your Home worth?
Review: It seems their data is neither live nor instant.

3. Redfin’s Home Price Estimate
Review: I believe they do have access to our MLS data.

Review: 2 superior options to find out how much your home is really worth.
a. Online instant app using the best data and Algo’s we know
b. Receive a Total Market Overview from and Expert…Free

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