Video 1 : Welcome, Probate and Trust Help for Heirs, Executors and Trustee’s.

Video 2: Selling Probate Real Estate in California.  Including… Exemptions to Real Estate disclosure law and the As-Is sale clause in the Probate Purchase and Sale agreement.

Image 1: Probate – a Picture of California’s Letters Testamentary / Letters of Administration


Letters testamentary

Download Letters Testamentary:

(please make sure all forms are up to date before using them.)  

 IRS – Probate, Filing Estate Returns and Paying Taxes

Deceased Persons – Getting Information from the IRS
Find out how to receive tax information of a decedent or their estate.

Understanding the General Duties as an Estate Administrator
Learn about the general responsibilities of the legal representative for the decedent and his or her estate.

Getting the IRS to File a Proof of Claim in a Probate Proceeding
Find out which IRS office to contact for assistance.

Filing the Final Return(s) of a Deceased Person
Learn about filing requirements, getting transcripts and payment arrangements.

Filing the Estate Income Tax Return (Form 1041)
Explanation of filing requirements and how to get an EIN for the estate.

Selling Real Property that is Part of the Decedent’s Estate
Provides instructions on how to obtain a release of lien on the decedent’s property.

Protecting the Deceased’s Identity from ID Theft
Tips to reduce the risk of having a deceased person’s identity stolen.

Filing Estate and/or Gift Tax Returns (Forms 706 or 709)
Provides links to various topics on Estate and Gift tax issues.

Getting an International Estate Transfer Certificate
Provides an explanation of the Transfer Certificate and how to obtain one.


California Franchise Tax Board

Deceased Taxpayer

  1. Does a tax return have to be filed for a deceased taxpayer?
  2. Can a final return be filed in the year of death?
  3. Who must file the return?
  4. How do you report income and deductions on a final return?
  5. Who can claim a refund?
  6. How do I notify FTB of a probate on a deceased taxpayer?

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How We May be Able to Help

Investors, Flippers, Realtors

You may already be receiving purchase offers from investors, flippers and Realtors.  We can take a look at the offers(s) and suggest ways you can work with investors and still execute your fiduciary duties to the estate.  Normally, we charge at least 350 dollars for a purchase contract review.  But, if you request, we offer this service to executors, administrators and trustees at no charge.

People Just Starting the Process

If you are just starting the process I can refer you to some of the best professional I have found at no charge.

People who know they will have Real Estate to Sell

If you know that you are going to need help with the process and your ask us to be your Real Estate Broker, we help you with hiring a Probate attorney, a tax and accounting person, home clean out and repair people, estate sale people and even moving people.


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