Poway Top 5 Luxury Homes For Sale

John McConnin, Esq
Published on May 4, 2016

Poway Top 5 Luxury Homes For Sale


Poway has an amazing luxury lifestyle and some amazing luxury homes.  If you are thinking of Buying…

  1. Start buy contacting us.  We will have quick phone consult with you.  We will find out you needs and wants and then we will set you up on a first alert broker feed if you so desire and we will keep our eye on the market for you.
  2. When you are ready to buy we will discuss with you some of the ways we help our clients get the home of their dreams at without overpaying.

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P.S.  Find out about our Poway smart home buyer program

  1. We can save you thousands
  2. Client for life Program –  Thinking about putting your home in a trust.  Many buyers in California can benefit from putting their real estate in a Living Trust.  We have a special offer for luxury buyers who contact us through this website first.  If your first contact with us is through the contact form below and you then you eventually purchase a property with us as your Realtor,  We will have a trust set up for you and we will cover the cost.  This way when you take title to the property you will take title in the best way possible for you.

Thank you, talk soon!
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Poway Top 5 Luxury Homes For Sale
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