Thank You for your interest in our Realtor Referral / Oversight program.

If you are thinking of selling your home, I can not only help you choose a Realtor if you need that help. But, more importantly, before you even speak with a Realtor I’m happy to help you design a custom marketing plan for your home, identify your perfect target market of strong perspective buyers and show you how to present your home in a way that can yield the maximum price possible. (with or without using the help of a Realtor). You will then know how quickly you can expect to sell your and how to garner he highest price you can, without wasting time or money. There’s no cost to this and there’s no obligation of any kind.

I offer this free service because I enjoy working in as a consultant and many potential clients see the value in having a strong idea about how they want a Realtor to market and sell their home. If you find value in the custom marketing plan we design together, you may also find value in the idea of having me as your consultant / attorney oversee your transaction.

Typically, I charge $1,500 to $2,000 dollars to help you manage your Realtor and the transaction.  I don’t litigate for that price but I do review contracts, suggest counters or negotiating strategies, and write legal letters or make phone calls to agents or service providers when requested by the my client.  I also provide almost unlimited phone conversations with the client about the transaction.  However, the nice part about this service is that if you contact me before contacting a Realtor, we can have the Realtor pay for this service as a Referral fee out of his commissions. So, in short you get and experienced attorney on your team at no extra cost.

The above is a really nice service and many people have paid me $1,500 or more for the same work out of their own pockets, but, as a further incentive if you contact me first and let me refer your transaction to the Realtor of your choice… I can request a larger referral fee and provide that extra money to you.  This can mean thousands or even 10s of thousands dollars savings from your future Realtor’s fee.

Here’s what you do next. If you want to schedule a planning session with me, simply fill out the form below. Once, I have that information, I’ll do some market research for you and we’ll set up the time to go over it all together.


John McConnin