Thank You for your interest in our statewide California Realtor Referral / Oversight program. (We can refer anywhere in the country but I can’t give legal advice for transactions outside of California)

For Sellers

We don’t know the exact referral fee we will be able to negotiate with the Agent or Agents you choose ahead of time.
My experience shows us that 33% of the listing commissions is will be accepted by just about every agent. But, in many if not most markets in California we can easily negotiate a higher referral fee.

For Buyers

Experience shows us that potential referral fee typically varies depending on the amount of work you have either done or will do.
If you already have targeted homes we can talk to the listing agent about getting you in to see the property and then we can rebate you up to the whole buyer side commission minus our fee.
If you need a great deal of help locating a home and picking the neighborhood we will probably seek 30 to 50 percent of the buyers commission as a referral fee. However, as the property gets higher price we can again seek a higher fee.

Our fee structure is simple

We charge $2000 payable out of the escrow at the close of the sale. We will give the rest of the referral fee to you via escrow. However, if you wish to reduce our fee. You can pay us $1,000 dollars up front. We will let you keep the entire referral fee. (Generally, your part of the referral fees gets credited to you by escrow. In effect you pay less for the home. But, there are times we you might be able to get a check from escrow.)

As part of our service we are also available to help with the transaction whenever you have questions.

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John McConnin