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Computer Pricing Algo Vs an Expert

My name is John McConnin.  I am a San Diego Realtor.  I have helped over 200 homeowners sell their homes and I have seen that marketing and negotiating and the way a Realtor encourages offers from other Realtors can make a big difference in the sale price of your home.  I also know every home can be different.  Before we would suggest a listing price for a home, we like to talk to the owner and find out from the homeowner what makes their home special.  We discuss what improvements an owner may have made or what special features makes their home special. Typically, computers do not have access to any of this “custom” information which is probably part of the reason why Zillow explains their zestimates are about 8% off.  So while I am not a big believer in this computer algo estimates… let me say… I have found these estimates to be the best ones in the industry.


Here is a little bit more… from the vendor.

Q: How is an “Estimated Home Value” calculated?
A: We are the nation’s leader in Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) and supply many of the top 100 lenders with estimated home valuations. AVMs are calculated using statistical models augmented with tax record data and information on regional market conditions (sales activity and pricing trends). Estimated valuations are based on data available at that time. They do not constitute an appraisal of the subject property and should not be relied upon in lieu of underwriting or an appraisal.


Q: Where does your data come from?
A: We are the nation’s largest source provider of property and mortgage data. We continuously collect and manage raw real estate data and imagery from more than 10,000 government and proprietary sources. Our data comes directly from the source, the county assessor’s office, and is then supplemented with recorded transactions and more. The fusion of this data provides us with property characteristics, recent sales activity and analytics.


Q: How often is your database updated?
A: Our database is updated daily to reflect the most current property and mortgage transaction data available nationwide.


Q: Why is there no estimated value for my property?
A: There are several reasons a particular property may not display an Estimated Valuation. The most common reason is missing or conflicting data on the subject property or nearby sales. Other reasons include insufficient sales transaction history in local areas and low confidence results from the valuation engine. Highly non-conforming neighborhoods may have less valuation coverage. In all instances, we recommend you contact a Realtor ™ specializing in your neighborhood to determine a precise valuation for your home.