Wells Fargo Short Sale Package

Wells Fargo Short Sale Package


Wells Fargo is a smart bank.  If you do not position your assets or income, ahead of time, Wells Fargo is likely to find you do not have a financial hardship.

If you are found not to have a qualifying financial hardship you will need to leverage the law, otherwise,  they are very likely to reject your short sale.



1. We suggest an Upside Down Analysis

2. A review of your short sale package by a team who can show you they have closed dozens of short sales with Wells Fargo

3. A review of asset pre-postioning strategies

4. A review of legal strategies which may help you leverage the law


Click the following link for Wells_Fargo_SS_Packet_1st_Mtg blank-2

If you are not already listed for a short sale, we will be happy to review your wells fargo short sale package with you.
Fill this out and then submit it to john@favoriterealestate.com

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